Configure Debian 7.x/8.x and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Boxes with Smokeping

  • Login and then update the OS

shell> sudo apt-get update
shell> sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Configure Hostname (in our example we will use turtle):

shell> sudo hostname turtle
shell> sudo vim /etc/hostname

    • Add

    • Change Hosts File

shell> sudo vim /etc/hosts

      • From        debian

      • To

  • Restart hostname

shell> sudo /etc/init.d/

  • Install Postfix, cacti, smokeping

shell> sudo apt-get install postfix
shell> sudo apt-get install sendmail
shell> sudo apt-get install smokeping

  • Install TCPPing

shell> apt-get install tcptraceroute
shell> cd /usr/bin/
shell> wget
shell> chmod 755 tcpping

  • Configured Apache for Smokeping support

shell> cd /etc/apache2/conf-available
shell> sudo ln -s ../../smokeping/apache2.conf smokeping.conf
shell> sudo a2enconf smokeping
shell> sudo a2enmod cgid
shell> service apache2 reload

  • Configure Smokeping

shell> sudo vim /etc/smokeping/config.d/General

cgiurl   =


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