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Administrative Distances

Administrative Distances published on No Comments on Administrative Distances

If you plan on migrating routing protocols or have multiple routing protocols it’s important to note the administrative distance values so you are aware of which route preferences will be based on the protocol.

You can change the preferences of protocols by changing the values to a lower value.

Remember: The lower the number, the higher the routing preference (IE: OSPF with a value of 110 will be preferred over RIP with a value of 120).


The table below compares Cisco and Juniper Distance values below to show vendor similarities:

Route Source

Cisco Default Distance Values

Juniper Default Distance Values

Connected interface 0 0
Static route 1 1
Internal Access Route N/A 2
Access Route N/A 3
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) summary route 5 N/A
External Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP) 20 20
Internal EIGRP 90 N/A
IGRP 100 N/A
OSPF 110 110
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) 115 115
Routing Information Protocol (RIP) 120 120
Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) 140 N/A
On Demand Routing (ODR) 160 N/A
External EIGRP 170 N/A
Internal BGP (iBGP) 200 200
Unknown* 255 255