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SONET Payload Overhead Sheet

SONET Payload Overhead Sheet published on No Comments on SONET Payload Overhead Sheet

When working with SONET you must always remember that the bandwidth you think you will receive (Line Rate) is actually not the bandwidth you will be able to push through (Payload Bandwidth) due to overhead in the signaling protocol. Below is a table I made that describes throughput rates:

SONET/SDH Designations and bandwidths

SONET Optical Carrier level SONET frame format SDH level and frame format Line Rate Overhead Payload Bandwidth
OC-1 STS-1 STM-0

51.840 Mbps

1.728 Mbps

50.112 Mbps

OC-3 STS-3 STM-1

155.520 Mbps

6.912 Mbps

148.608 Mbps

OC-12 STS-12 STM-4

622.080 Mbps

20.736 Mbps

601.344 Mbps

OC-24 STS-24

1.244160 Gbps

41.472 Mbps

1.202208 Gbps

OC-48 STS-48 STM-16

2.488320 Gbps

82.944 Mbps

2.405376 Gbps

OC-192 STS-192 STM-64

9.953280 Gbps

442.368 Mbps

9.510912 Gbps

OC-768 STS-768 STM-256

39.813120 Gbps

1.327104 Gbps

38.486016 Gbps